Magic Sahara Slot Review

The Microgaming slot machine takes us on a long and dry journey to the Sahara desert. As you explore this new land, be sure to carry enough water for yourself because it’s probably going t be one of those extreme places that Dot Matrix mentioned in her article about where she lives – even though we’re playing from scratch rather than randomly generated cards or dice rolls. While many fortunes are waiting just outside your grasp here (especially if using conventional play), don’t worry.

Game Symbols

Bonus Features

When trekking across the Sahara with your camel, it’s important to be prepared for any situation. That means carrying enough food and water as well as trade goods like spices or other necessary items- all on top of being able to negotiate with local Berber tribe members who might want something from them too! In this game, those travelling traders will find themselves encountering plenty more than just desert scenery; there are also camels galore which make their way through various stages throughout history (and even appear repeatedly).

How to Get Through the Dessert

With a 5 reel and 3-row structure, you will receive your pay from the leftmost section towards the right. There are 9 fixed pay lines in this game which offer winnings at rates ranging between 0-45 cents per spin–but they may change depending on how many coins have been wagered total!

Wild symbols are the most valuable award in any slot game, and this one has two versions. The regular wild appears on all three reels at base game time; but during free spins rounds (when it becomes available), you’ll see them stacked onto just five positions of each reel-the first four for its appearance as well as an additional spot near Instructions or Tips symbol which does not give anything special like other awards do!

Bonus Features

Magic of Sahara is a game that offers you the chance to win big through an old merchant who appears with tokens placed above on reel slots. When he transforms into playing card pieces, these are rather low paying, so be patient if you want them during your free spins round! You can either get them by purchasing extra rounds or simply waiting for what’s coming up next in this fun-filled bonus feature section at no cost whatsoever – it doesn’t matter because we’re giving all players two options on how they’ll acquire more than enough opportunities without having too much invested right off the bat.

Stakes are high in the game, but you can win big if you are lucky. The first step is to collect 25 tokens, after which we will offer free spins with a 2x multiplier meaning that your stake has been doubled! Another addition for those who land 3 scatter symbols or more on top of their initial bets; there are even additional opportunities coming out during gameplay where specific prizes unlock depending upon how many chips have already been wagered by players before them – this all adds up towards increasing what might’ve seemed like risky losses at first glance becoming surprisingly profitable ventures when things go right.

Bonus Features


If you are looking for the highest possible payout with this slot, ensure that your value is set at 100 coins. If 5 of a kind come up in any given spin during free spins mode (and there’s always an opportunity), they’ll award 134 times what was bet! You can also increase chances by striving towards triggering it-keep watching those wild symbols dance around on their own while trying not to get distracted along the way because things will be heating up soon enough… When combined across all eligible games played within our networked properties, including Facebook Gameshow Fridays via Instagram.

Mobile Play

The Microgaming team has managed to create a slot that is not just for real-life casinos but also can be played on your mobile devices. You get all of the features and visuals with compatibility across multiple platforms, including Android, Windows Phone 8/10 as well iOS!

Is Magic of Sahara Worth Playing?

Microgaming is a renowned provider of video slots, and this one delivers on all levels. The visuals are wacky, but there’s so much more than that! You can enjoy free spins with multiplier symbols or multipliers during your playtime and at an RTP percentage below average (95%). It also features background music which will keep you entertained from start to finish.